This blog is mainly taken from my Great Grandfather's diary. In 2012 we are in the year 1915, after completing 1916 in 2010 and 1927 in 2011. 1915 is the year that my Great Uncle Norman was born. 1927 is the year that my Great Uncle Roger, was born. 1916 was the year that my grandmother, Annah Lee was born.

My Great-Grandfather's name was Bonnie Elmore and he worked as a clerk or secretary for the old Norfolk & Western Railroad, based in Roanoke, VA. Mary is his wife. Norman is their first born son. The Raines are Mary's parents. Skin is Bonnie's brother along with Jake.

Bonnie's work associates and friends are also mentioned quite a bit. Bonnie does a great job of blending everyday life in 1915 with the mention of some world and USA history as well. I do know from a quick glance ahead that 1915 is going to be quite different as Bonnie did not write quite as much.

After Bonnie's diary entry, I will occasionally make comments, maybe tell a little about life in 2012, possibly some current events, and some musing about the Christian faith.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Batter Cakes for Supper

On Friday, October 22, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool-clear. Mr. Sillimon came in to see us. I shaved at night at went to two shows with Elmer Brown. Had an awfully headache all night. Read Ladies' Home Journal. Paid phone bill for Mrs. Brown. 

On Saturday, October 23, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Very Chilly. Wrote Payrolls. Mr. Sillimon in. Took bath. Went to train and met Mama and Christine. Rode up home in automobile. Papa had tooth pulled. Mary and I went to the "American" at night. 

On Sunday, October 24, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Beautiful Day. Arose 8:30. Shaved and carried out trash. Got coal thru window. Went up home at 4:30 p.m. Loam was there. We stayed for supper. Came home at 10 o'clock. The baby's barley ran short. I felt sick and tired.

On Monday, October 25, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Very Chilly. Wrote RW&BM reports for Burke. Pretty busy day. Elmer Brown and I went up town to a show: The Dancing Doll, and Dr. Robinson's office at night. Came home and retired at 9:30 p.m.

On Tuesday, October 26, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pleasant Day. Mr. Raitt goes to Williamson to look over Leckie Spur. I got a letter from Ollie Smith and answered it. Also one from Lena. Filed and indexed mail. Shaved at night. Made cocoa. Ate supper at Mrs Raines'!

On Wednesday, October 27, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Fine Day. Mary called me up on phone. Mr. Raitt came back from Wmson. Mama, Loam and Christine down today for dinner. Doss also came down drunk. Ate brandy peaches at Mrs. Brown's. Cut wood and carried up coal. Retired at 9:30 p.m.

On Thursday, October 28, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool-fair. Mary and Mrs. Raines came to the office with Norman. Miss Shoffner introduced to Mary in hall.  Saw Skin in car on way to MacBain's. Went to building of Police Bazaar. Stopped and talked to Mr. Raines at big garden. I shaved at night. Batter cakes for supper.

On Friday, October 29, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Fine Day. Correspondence light in office. Mary phoned me about going to "Waverly Place" to inspect a lot. Elmer Brown and I went to "Virginian" and "Bijou" at night. Came home at 10 o'clock. Mrs. Raines and I bought lots #9 and #10 at Waverly Place. Came back with Sam Mason. Fairfax and Matthews took us down in car.

This was a rather interesting week in Bonnie's diary.  He went to lots of movies and at several different theaters.  He also has batter cakes for supper and brandy peaches.  How interesting that Bonnie bought some lots in Waverly Place.  I know that general area in Roanoke today.  I wonder which ones and what he ever did with them?  Maybe he will tell us in a later entry. Here in 2012, the big news is Hurricane Sandy which is hitting the east coast and causing all kinds of havoc. But here in Roanoke, just windy, wet and cold and nothing serious...yet.         

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tech loses to Washington and Lee

On Friday, October 15, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Fine Day. Talked to Mrs. Schick on phone. Went to the Shenandoah Club for letter from Wm. Dodd to Mr. Schick. Howard Fisher walked around with me. Corrine Mabry went home. Pay day at shops. At night: shaved, washed my hair, took a bath and caught a mouse.

On Saturday, October 16, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Fine Weather. Went up town in afternoon. Met Papa, He came home with me to supper. I stayed at home tonight. W&L Univ. beat VPI playing football.

On Sunday, October 17, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pleasant. Shaved. Took Norman to Mrs. Raines. Papa and I went to the Calvary Baptist Church at 3:30 p.m. to hear Dr. Palmer speak. Fine sermon to men only. Mary came up to meet me. Christian Church at night.

On Monday, October 18, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Warm. Ate dinner at Mrs. Raines'. Work slow in office. Mrs. Raines came up home at night. She rolled baby to Northeast. I went down to talk with Mr. Raines at night. Brought candy home.

On Tuesday, October 19, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Rain. Warm. Ate lunch at the office. Went to American. Met Mary, Mrs. Raines and the baby. Mary examined for insurance. Went to station in p.m. Talked Robt. Moses and Lutie Steffey. Papa ate supper with us. I shaved. Mayor C.B. Moomaw died. Wrote letter to Lena. 

On Wednesday, October 20, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Damp, warm. Saw old Ronk on Market Sq. Capt. Rowan and Burke went to fair at Appomattox, Va.  Got a letter from Blaine sending $15.00. Baby fell out of chair. Talked Howard Fisher. Ate dinner at Mrs. Raines. Bought candy at Johnson's. 

On Thursday, October 21, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Sunshine. Letter from Jake and Mamma. Wrote Marj. Merchent. Ate dinner and supper at Mrs. Raines'. Wrote a letter to Mamma. Mrs. Raines went to Troutville in automobile.  Mrs. King came by Mrs. Raines' at night. Mr. Y.W. Young died today.

Okay, so I am behind again.  Here in 2012, I am still very busy at work and church and today was a fine day, so the family hiked up Read Mountain and now I am sore and worn out, so this won't be long. I just found it interesting that Bonnie caught a mouse on a night when he shaved and washed his hair.  Also, Virginia Tech (VPI) must have a football team in 1915 like they do in 2012! AND, how about the mention of Calvary Baptist Church!  There is a long history for that church obviously and today in 2012, I count the current pastor of that church, Donna Hopkins-Britt, as a close friend. I wonder why the special service and sermon for men only?  Mary and Bonnie also were not apparently particular about the church they went to, but they did go to church: Baptist, Presbyterian, Christian, Dunkard, it didn't seem to matter to them! Also, noticed the mention of the Shenandoah Club which is still around today in downtown Roanoke.  I have been there for a meeting of the Sons of the American Revolution. 


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catching Up. End of September 1915

On Friday, September 24, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Very Chilly. Took a sea salt bath. Fair closed on this night. Traded tobacco with Mr. Brown. No letter from Mamma regrading Jake's condition. Corrine Mabry played: "Narcissus".

On Saturday, September 25, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool-Pleasant. Walked to work with Capt. Field. Worked all afternoon on "overhead crossings of Blfd. Tel. Co."  Went up street at night. Got stick pin and candy also cigars. Cut Elmer Brown's hair. Retired 11:30 p.m.

On Sunday, September 26, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool. Took a salt bath and shaved. Mary went to station with me. Met. Mr. Woodahl in Lynchburg. Smoked cigars and went to his office. Sent Mary card. Met a Brown bot on No. 9. Arrived in Clifton 8:30 p.m. Went to Selma in jitney - 10 cents. Paul Lawlor and Ollie Smith there. 

On Monday, September 27, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Rainy Day. Mama and I went to Hospital. Met Mr. Gleason and Diefert. Also Mr. Damewood. Girl played piano. I went back in p.m. until 6 o'clock. Mrs. Doyle and Ruth came over and stayed until 9:30. I was feeling very badly, eye strain and severe headache. Wrote to Mary, Loam and E.J. Rowan.

On Tuesday, September 28, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool and Cloudy. Arose at 7 a.m.. Christine, Edward, Edith and I cut weeds. John came in off road. Edith ran a calf around field by the tail. Alice Ross over. Went up to see Mrs. Lindsay and Irene. Met Reed Thomas. Ate supper at Aylestock's. Teeny and I stayed at Hospital until 8:30 p.m.

On Wednesday, September 29, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy-Rain. Got letter and papers from Mary. Effie and I went to the hospital in afternoon. Came home at 6 o'clock. Paul Lawlor came up and stayed until 10 o'clock. Dark and gloomy night.

On Thursday, September 30, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cold and Damp. Arose at 8:30 a.m. John Lawlor came in off road. We both shaved. Wrote to Mary and Blaine.   

Man in Water

On Friday, October 1, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Rainy. Selma, Va. Arose at 8 a.m. Baby cut a tooth. Read papers and mail from Mary. Mama and Effie went down to Riner to see man in water. Effie and I stayed at hospital with Jake from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. John was called out on road.

On Saturday, October 2, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool. Clear. Talked to Mr. Heron. Arose 7:00 a.m. Mama gave me $2.00. Went to Hospital from 8:30 to 9:20. Met Misses Walked and Abell (nurses). Talked to Mrs. Aylestock. Met Russell West at Buchanan. Came with me to Roanoke. Ate supper at Mrs. Raines and took bath. Capt. Rowan gave me check. Went to meat and grocery store. Haircut, Shave, bath. 

On Sunday, October 3, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool-Clear. Passiu boy killed. Arose 9 a.m. Went to office with Elmer Brown. Talked with Mr. Schick. Straightened out correspondence. Ate dinner 3:30. Went to Loam's and took supper. Went to church. Met Howard Fisher and Marie Hines. Talked to Susie Scholtz and Corrine Mabry at 9:30 p.m. 

On Monday, October 4, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Warm. Mr. Schick went to Bluestone. Mr. McIlwayne came in to see us. I went to Bank and paid bills. Bought a knife for $1.00. Bought a safety razor. Shaved with it with fine results. Went to Mrs. Raines. Paid $5.00 on coal. Will Passiu's body brought home.

On Tuesday, October 5, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Warm. Skin drove me to office in machine. Wrote up bills etc. Talked to Papa. Bought tooth brush and dental cream. Wrote Blaine and Mr. Damewood. Buried W.C. Passiu. Mrs. Raines came up at night. Mary played piano. Mr. Bell called me. Got watch from Tom Griffin. Bought a box of candy 60 cents at Johnson and Johnson's.

On Wednesday, October 6, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Steady Rain. Mr. Schick in. Shaved at night with safety razor. Corrine Mabry, Mrs. Brown, Elmer and Ethel up. Corrine played. Bought two nipples and candy. Wrote up heavy mail in office. Retired 11 p.m.

On Thursday, October 7, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Raining. President Wilson announces his engagement. Copied estimates and bills. Wrote to Jake and Aunt Emma Leslie. Mr. Raines and Papa up. Elmer Brown and I carried stove from attic and put it up. 

Okay, so I have been away awhile and want to offer my apologies to any regular readers I may have.  I have just been really busy recently.  I have had to work the past 2 weekends for the fire department and the weeks before that we had things like Springwood Baptist Church's 180th Homecoming.  My current thinking is just that I will start with October and go forward without making up any of those weeks that I missed, which would be most of September 1915.  That may change and so If I do go back and make some of those missed posts up, they will be out of order...oh well.  During this hiatus, I did pick up a new reader, Tammy, who commented on a recent post, to say that she was doing research on Dr. J.C. Burks and St. Charles hospital and found this blog.  Welcome to Tammy!  Bonnie does write about Dr. Burks and St. Charles hospital fairly frequently.  Today, in 2012 it is cold and rainy here in Roanoke.  Mom went to church with us.  Beth and Rachel ran this afternoon in preparation for the drumstick dash.  The kids have an FCA event tonight at Northside High School. It sounds as though Jake, Bonnie's brother, was in the hospital, maybe in Selma, Va. which is near Clifton Forge, and Bonnie had gone there to see him.  When Bonnie comes home on the train, he always comes through Buchanan.  I did not understand the man in the water part, that Mama and Effie went to see in Riner.  It was neat to see that Bonnie wrote about President Woodrow Wilson, who was born in Staunton, Va. announcing his engagement.   

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day

On Friday, September 3, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Rain-Cold. Paid Gravitt 81 cents for meat. Dr. Davis called to see baby. Wrote a prescription and drove me to Johnson and Johnson in automobile. I came home on car. Clarence and Mrs. Spillman came over home and stayed until 9:30 p.m.

On Saturday, September 4, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Rain-Damp. Indexed correspondence. Norman is better today. I wrote Jake a letter. Rain at night. I went up the street and stopped in at Roanoke Music Co. Bought candy and came home. 

On Sunday, September 5, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Went up town to office and bought a Philadelphia Press. Shaved and went up home in afternoon. Ate supper and came home on car. 

On Monday, September 6, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pretty Hot. Labor Day. Shaved and took bath. Went up town to "Comet" in afternoon. Ruth Edwards at our house. Also "Lou" Goodman, Mrs. Raines, Mrs. Hurst. Mary, baby, and I went to Mountain Park. Fireworks. Met. Mrs. Edwards. Home at 10:30.

On Tuesday, September 7, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pleasant Day. Wrote up estimates. Messrs. Curtis and Shumway called at office. Also, Mr. Bottomley and Son. Stayed at home at night. Jake taken to C&O hospital with fever. 

On Wednesday, September 8, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot Day. Loam called me up on phone. Mr. Schick fell out of his chair. Went up home and ate supper.Got list of books for Christine. Skin rode me home in car of Mundy, W.P.

On Thursday, September 9, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot Day. Norman is seven months old today. Effie phoned. Jake taken to C&O hospital. I got haircut, Teeny's books and went up home in p.m. Came to office. Wrote and wired C&O Hospital. Took bath and called Effie on long distance. Borrowed Harry Raines' traveling bag.

Wow, sorry to hear that Jake, one of Bonnie's brothers, is in the hospital.  Sounds like maybe Bonnie is preparing to go there.  The "Comet" was a theater that doesn't get mentioned much.  I thought it was funny that Bonnie stopped in at the music store, didn't buy any music, and then went and bought candy and went home.  We had a good Sunday here in 2012.  Mom joined Springwood Baptist.        

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Paid Off

On Sunday, August 29, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool-Pleasant. Shaved and met Nettie Fisher in afternoon. All went up home. Mary and I stayed for supper and came home at 10:30 p.m. Loam was at Mamma's. Cloudy and lonesome day.

On Monday August 30, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy-Cool. Mr. Schick met Tracy and went to Mullens, W.Va. on county road matters between Pineville and Mullens. Mr. Raitt absent from office. Ate supper at Mrs. Raines. Went to the stable with Harry. Wrote to my dear friend, Louis Haislip, Stockton, Cal.

On Tuesday, August 31, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Rain and damp. Work dull in the office. Mr. Raitt paid for candy. Wrote up payroll chargings and J and Co. Bills. Met Papa. Paid off. Shaved. 

On Wednesday, September 1, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Fine weather. Mary is 20 years of age today. Capt. Rowan came in off vacation. Mr. Schick returned. Paid some bills. Deposited $1.00 in Bank to Norman's credit. Mailed Dr. Davis cheque for $1.50. Ate dinner at Mrs. Raines'. Had vanilla ice cream. Went up home for supper. Gave Mamma $2.00.

On Thursday, September 2, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool Weather. Papa started in today to work for N.B.W. Ry. Co. at West End yard. Bought box candy last night. Came home from Mamma's on car and talked to Dr. Allen J. Black. Mrs. Brown and children came home from Norfolk, Va. Shaved at night. Rain at night.

I think it's funny that Bonnie mentions all these people in his posts and then says it was a lonesome day. Pretty neat to see that yesterday was Mary's birthday.  That's my great-grandmother.  She was 20 in 1915, which means she was born in 1895 and would be 117 if alive today!  The money was really flowing on September 1 and I guess that is because Bonnie was paid or "paid off" as he puts it, the day before. The had ice cream and even bought candy.  Here in 2012, it is Labor Day weekend.  We went to see a movie last night and are going back down to Mom's tonight to look at beach houses to rent via the computer.  Church attendance was a little down today.  The weather is hot, muggy with some rain and storms.      

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lewis Gale Hospital

On Sunday, August 22, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Arose at 8 a.m. Shaved. Went to Mrs. Raines. Went up home in p.m. Ate supper. Came home on car. Sid. Raines gave Norman 25 cents for his bank. Grover Mercer drowned.

On Monday, August 23, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool and Pleasant. Elmer and W.M. Brown and I went down street to the "American" and "Bijou" at night. Mrs. Raines stayed with Mary. I talked to Mr. Hancock about Skin. Pretty Moon-light night.

On Tuesday, August 24, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool-Nice. Papa, Jess and Christine came down home and stayed for supper. I shaved and Mary and I went to Lewis Gale Hospital to see Myrtle English. Retired at 12. Mr. Schick left.

On Wednesday, August 25, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool-Nice. Received a letter from E.J. Rowan at Norfolk, VA. Mary, Norman, and Mrs. Raines spent the day with Mrs. Abshire. Mr. Raitt brought Elton down. I ate lunch at the office and went to see "The Right of Way" at "American". Ate supper at Mrs. Raines.

On Thursday, August 26, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pleasant Weather. Filed mail. Read "The Yoke". Went to station for tripod. Took Lutie Steffey and Mary Randelman home to supper with me. They left at 9:30 p.m. Pretty moonlight night.

On Friday, August 27, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Gloomy-Rain. Mr. W.P. Wiltsee came in office and borrowed my umbrella. Shaved at night. Mr. Brown and Elmer left at midnight for Norfolk, VA.

On Saturday, August 28, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Rain. Got a card from Captain Rowan. Stayed at home in the afternoon and Mrs. Raines came up awhile at night.

I am a little off schedule on posting, but we are caught up to corresponding dates.  I hope to get back on schedule this weekend. Not much doing in Bonnie's world of 1915 it doesn't sound like.  There was nice weather for the most part and lots of visiting and going to the movies.  I will say that this was the first mention, I believe, of Lewis Gale hospital out of all the years I have blogged about.  That seems unusual, but neat to know that they were around in 1915! Things have gotten busier here in 2012 with school back in session and Caleb playing soccer and now also he is refereeing soccer too.  Tonight are his first 2 games as a referee. Hope it goes well!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Candy Afternoon

On Friday, August 13, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot. Bound up statements for Capt. Rowan. Harry Raines came home from New York. Went down to Mrs. Raines' at night. Mrs Raines was at Mrs. Coleman's on account of her mother's death. Shaved.

On Saturday, August 14, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot Day. Mr. Schick came in off line. Mary and I went to the "American" Theater at night saw The "Goddess". Got ice cream cones.

On Sunday, August 15, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot. Went up to Mama's and spent the day. Ben brought Myrtle English to hospital. Shaved. Lena's baby was born today. 

On Monday, August 16, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot. Filed mail. Big thunder shower in p.m. Met Papa on Jefferson St. Went down to Mrs. Raines' at night. Capt. Rowan left today on his vacation to Norfolk, VA and Boston, Mass.

On Tuesday, August 17, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot Day. Paper reported hanging of Frank at Milledgeville, Ga. Got registered letter and $20.00 from Blaine for Mamma. Went up home with the money and stayed for supper. Mr. Schick left on train #3. Came home at 10:00 p.m.

On Wednesday, August 18, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool Day. Shaved and got to work at 8:55. Ate dinner at Mrs. Raines. Paid telephone bill for Mrs. Brown. Read part of "Lucille". Mr. Raitt and I ate candy all the afternoon.

On Thursday, August 19, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool and nice. Correspondence - dull. Read part of "The Yoke" Got hair-cut. Mary and I ate supper at Aunt Duck's Mrs. Nichols played the piano for us. Took Norman to be examined by Dr. Davis. Mr. Raitt saw him for the first time. 

On Friday, August 20, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Rain-cool. Shaved. Arose at 7:00 a.m. Answered telephone call from Mr. B.F. Bell. Went to J & J for lime water and ointment for Norman's neck. Mr. Raitt took his two boys and went fishing. Met Blanche Hurst today at Mrs. Raines. Mrs Austin was down. Rain. 

On Saturday, August 21, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool nice. Mr. Chas. Spillman from Washington D.C. was in to call on us. Posted up records of Employees. Mrs. Brown, Ethel, and Morris went to Norfolk, Va. I went up town at night alone. Met Mama, Papa and Teeny.  Bill Fisher and I went to Elmwood Park. Got candy. 

Okay, a little late posting this week due to the fact that we took one last family mini-vacation this weekend.  We went to Washington D.C. and I actually thought about Bonnie on several occasions.  First of all, we took a train from Lynchburg, VA to Washington D.C.  It was a lot of fun.  Bonnie of course worked for the railroad and took trains all the time to go places.  And, he wrote this year about a trip to Washington D.C. that he and his family took.  Also, while visiting the American History museum in Washington we saw a street car from the 1900's and immediately thought of Bonnie and talked about him being on one of those. We really wished we had a lot more time to spend in the American History museum.  We had a great day on Sunday of our trip as we spent time in that museum and went to a DC United soccer game that was very exciting.  On Monday we spent the morning visiting monuments and memorials.  It was fun but a lot of walking.  We used the subway a lot while we were there. So, lots of rail travel for us this past weekend.       

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Electric Lights Installed

On Friday, August 6, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool. Filed and Indexed. Mrs. Raines ate dinner with us today. She and Mary went up town. Mary brought Norman to the office and Met Capt. E.J. Rowan. We got ice cream and ate supper at Mrs. Raines. Went home at 8:30 p.m.

On Saturday, August 7, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool, pleasant day. Arose at 7:00 a.m. and shaved before breakfast. Took bath and went up street. Mary and I went to "American" theater at night. Gave Skin 15 cents to get collars out of laundry.

On Sunday, August 8, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot. Arose at 8:30. Went up street for two papers for Mrs. Raines. Ate lunch at Mrs. Raines. Rained in pm. I went home and ate supper. Loam was there. Came home on street car and talked to John and Maggie Smith.

On Monday, August 9, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot-Rain. Norman is 6 months of age today. Papa and Teeny ate supper at our house. Papa talked to Mrs. Booze and Mrs. Raines about painting kitchen and fence. Shaved.

On Tuesday, August 10, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot. Walked to work with Bernard Harrington. Mailed $10.00 to Harry Raines in New York. Talked to Dr. Abbott on street while on way to P.O. Mrs. Raines took lunch with us.  Ate ice cream at Mrs. Brown's!

On Wednesday, August 11, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool Day. Electric lights were installed in Mrs. Raines' home. Big Rain. Stayed at home at night and shaved. Retired at 9:30 p.m. Raining. 

On Thursday, August 12, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot. Mr. Schick went to Berivend, W.Va. on tour of inspection. Ate "Okre" at Mrs. Raines at noon today. Stopped in at MaGann's. Went to concert in Elmwood Park at night. Talked to Edgar Troxie at went to J&J for Barley. 

I suppose the biggest thing this week is the installation of electric lights in Mrs. Raines' house.  We take electricity for granted so much these days that I didn't even think about the homes in 1915 maybe using candles and oil lamps, etc. Wow.  Of course, Bonnie does talk a lot in other years about building a fire to heat the home and for cooking.  I also chuckled at how Bonnie spelled Okra, I think it was new to him. But he sure did enjoy the ice cream at Mrs. Brown's. I have no idea where that town in West Virginia is, we had a little trouble reading Bonnie's handwriting.  Happy 6 months to Norman!  Here in 2012, we had a great day today at Springwood Baptist.  9 people, all from one family joined the church today and 3 of those by baptism!  13 youth and about 5 or 6 adults from the church went to Kings Dominion yesterday.  We will be going to visit Longwood University on Tuesday with Rachel and going to Washington DC this coming weekend on a train to sight see and watch soccer.  Bonnie would get a kick out of knowing we were going there and on a train!      

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Canning Preserves

On Friday, July 30, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot Day. Chas. Becker electrocuted in New York. Mr. Raitt went fishing. I filed and indexed mail. Pearl and Christine spent the afternoon down home. Teeny got a (?) in her waiste. Went home with Pearl and Christine.

On Saturday, July 31, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Awfully Hot. Went uptown in afternoon and got haircut. Took a bath and shaved. Met Emmett St. Clair on way home. Stayed at home at night. Paid off. 

On Sunday, August 1, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot. Papa, Effie and Pearl went down to Everett's. Mary and I ate supper at Mrs. Raines'. Very hot at night. Stayed at home all day

On Monday, August 2, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot Rain. Paid up part of bills. Rain in p.m. Busy day. Nothing much doing today. Mary and I went up home at night.

On Tuesday, August 3, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot Rain. Went down street and got cigarettes for Mr. Schick. Paid Bills. Shaved before going to work. Mrs. Raines ate dinner with us. Fine rain. Went up street at night. Talked to Skin.

On Wednesday, August 4, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cooler. Mary, Norman and Mrs. Raines spent day with LaBree's. I ate lunch at office and went to "American". Had certificate of Norman's birth recorded. Went up home at night and took shirts for Papa. Great deal of sheet lightning. Effie went home. 

On Thursday, August 5, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Very Hot. Mr. Schick went out on line. Mrs Raines and Bessie Edwards ate lunch with us. Mary and Mrs. Raines canning preserves. Mr. Raitt and Ed Gregory went on fishing trip to Craig Healing Springs. Mrs. Raines, Mary, Norman, and I went to Mountain Park at night. 

Whew. I had a hard time understanding everything that Bonnie was writing this time.  I could not make out what Teeny got in her waiste and I also did not understand the "Busy Day" and "Nothing much doing" comments in the same day. I also did not get the "Paid off" part. Oh, well I guess that is just going to happen.  I do watch with interest the weather from 1915.  Seems like it may have been just as hot in 1915 as it is in 2012.  Here in 2012, starting to storm some this afternoon. May be time for a safety nap!


Sunday, July 29, 2012


On Friday, July 23, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool weather. Stopped the use of tobacco this day.  Filed my correspondence. Thunder and lightning at night. Didn't use any tobacco the whole day.

On Saturday, July 24, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool, clear. Pretty moon night. Met and talked to Capt. Feild on Jefferson St. Shaved after dinner and took baby to see Mrs. Merchent. Lost carriage robe coming home. Mrs. Raines, Mary, the baby and I went to Ms. Pork. Mama and her crowd were there. Coming back we talked to Jesse Steele. Mr. Layman gave Norman candy. 

On Sunday, July 25, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Took a bath. Mary and I rolled baby up to Mamma's, ate dinner and supper. Mr. Carnosay and Mr. Craft were there. Came home at 9:30 p.m. Mary had a fainting spell. Everett was up to Mamma's with Marjorie.

On Monday, July 26, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot day. Wrote up payrolls and Expense bills. Loam phoned Mary that they were coming down for dinner Wednesday. "Leelanaw" sunk by Germans. Harry Raines drove Mrs. Raines, Norman, and I out to Waverly Place and to ice plant at brewery. Shaved.

On Tuesday, July 27, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Very Hot. Went out to Mr. Schick's house for his glasses. Mrs. Raines took Norman up town to Bank, Kress', and Mac Bain's. At 8:20 p.m. Harry drove his mother, the baby, Mary and I up to Aunt Annie Raines'. Cool air, fine drive, bright moonlight. Came home at 10:10 p.m.

On Wednesday, July 28, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot Day. Loam, Effie, and their children came down home and spent the day. I wrote Jake. At night, I shaved took a bath and washed my head. "Feely" left Effie's things on car on way down home.

On Thursday, July 29, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot Day. Went to train #1 to put on catalogue for Mr. Schick. At night, Mary and I took the baby and went to band concert in Elmwood Park. I talked to Irvin Hodgin. Mr. Schick went out on the line. 

Maybe it's just because I am very tired after a very busy week at work, but I didn't find a whole lot in this week's entries to comment about.  I do wonder where the brewery in Roanoke was in 1915.  There also was the interesting note about the Germans sinking a ship.  I believe that is how World War 1 started or maybe the war had already started but that sinking of ships is partly what brought the United States into the war, which I don't believe had happened by this time in 1915, yet.  Here in 2012, we had a good day at church today, attendance was good and spirit was good.  I am looking forward to a much more quiet week at work this week...hopefully. Congrats to Bonnie for stopping the use of tobacco, I am guessing that didn't stick because as long as I knew him he always smoked a pipe and cigars.  I have no idea what "Ms. Pork" was.  A barbeque place maybe?  Bonnie's handwriting was hard to read, so it could be Mt. Pork, Mt. Park, etc.        

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Campbell Ave. Fire

On Friday, July 16, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Very Hot Day. Ethel Brown went after my camera at Bergendahl's. Rain came up in afternoon. Wrote to Effie. Mary and I took the baby down to Mrs. Raines' and drank iced tea and ate watermelon. Talked to Mrs. Mabry.

On Saturday, July 17, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot Day. Wrote to John Hancock about coming over on week's vacation in September. Rained in afternoon. Took a bath and shaved. Mary and I went up street to the "American" Theater. Mrs. Raines kept Norman.

On Sunday, July 18, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot! Werner Schalz died. Arose at 8:30. Took baby to Mrs. Raines. Went to church. Ate Dinner at Mrs. Raines'. Went up to see Loam and Mamma. Ate supper at Mamma's. Mary and I took baby to Elmwood Park. Harry rolled baby out to 10th Ave. S.W.

On Monday, July 19, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Awfully Hot. Met Bill Fisher. Walked to work with me. Rained P.M. Watched fire on Campbell Ave. at noon. Very hot at night. Took bath and shaved. Retired at 10:30 p.m.

On Tuesday, July 20, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy-Warm. Werner Schalz buried today in "Fairview". Sin started driving a car for Stuart McGhee. Mr. Raitt stayed at home in p.m.

On Wednesday, July 21, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Raining. Mary, her mother, and the baby went to visit Mrs. Austin. I went to Buchanan to meet Effie and Pearl and kids. Saw Joe Seymour and boys. Skin took the folks to Loam's in automobile. Mary and I went to Loam's and Mamma's at night. 

On Thursday, July 22, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cool. Wrote letter to Lena and sent her package. Got cake of Castile soap from Mrs. Raines. Pearl, Teeny and Lady came down home. Mrs. Raines up at night. Shaved. Dark, cool, night. 

Seems like several things struck me as I wrote this today, let me see if I can remember them.  First, the weather.  Here in 2012, we have all this talk of "global warming" and yet the weather that Bonnie describes in 1915 seems to be really similar to what we have today, even thought Bonnie does not provide a lot of specifics.  Also, Werner Scahlz died in 1915 and was buried in Fairview cemetery.  I wonder if I could find his grave there in 2012?  That would be kind of neat. Bonnie watched another fire in downtown Roanoke on Monday, July 19, 1915 and last night here in 2012 there was a big fire on 10th St. in Roanoke. Smoke and flames could be seen for miles from the General Truck Body building. 2 firefighters were injured but not seriously.  And then, on Wednesday, July 21, 1915 Bonnie writes about going to Buchanan, which is where in 2012 I currently pastor a church.  So many connections to history, it's really neat.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

White Way

On Friday, July 9, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Fine Day. Mamma, Skin, and Teeny left Washington. Arose at 5:15 a.m. Washed my head and held the baby on porch until 7 o'clock. Sent J.P. Foy to Milan's for candy. Went to see Mr. Buford about Ronk Bill. The baby is 5 months old today. Went to Mrs. Raines' at night.

On Saturday, July 10, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Fine Day. Arose at 4:00 a.m. Went to station and brought Mamma, Teeny and Skin home breakfast. Papa came over in p.m. All of us went to Loam's at night. Met Oscar Fisher on way. Mary and I came home on car. Ate some peanuts at her mother's. Mrs. Raines kept the baby.

On Sunday, July 11, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Very Hot. Arose at 12 noon. Shaved. Went to office in afternoon. Met Skin and Jess on Jeff. St. Mrs. Raines came up to house with Mary at night. Retired at 10 o'clock. Very hot night.

On Monday, July 12, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot Day. Heavy work at the office. Mrs. Raines took the baby out for a ride. Ethel Wade came up in evening and went with us to the Elmwood Park. Wrote two letters for Mr. Turner. Retired at 11:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, July 13, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot Day. Arose 6:15 a.m. Rolled the baby to Elmwood Park until 7:40. Mr. W.P. Wiltsee in the office. Wrote to Jake. Mary and I ate dinner at Mrs. Raines'. Mamma moving to 707 7th St. S.W.  Mary and I ate supper at Loam's and came home 11 p.m.

On Wednesday, July 14, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot weather. Dr. O.W. Hacker died. Shaved at 8:15 a.m. Indexed and filed. Mary came to office with the baby. Met Burke, Crumpacker and Ed Gregory. Met Violet Carper on street. At night Mary and I went to band concert in Elmwood Park. Jack Bowdell, Maude, Pearl, et. al. there.

On Thursday, July 15, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot. Mr. Schick went out on the line. In afternoon, I remained at home and shaved and took a bath. Heavy rain and thunderstorm came up. Put on routine trousers and took baby down to Mrs. Raines'. "White Way" opened up at night with parade and band music. 

I am not sure what "White Way" was.  I am guessing it was a movie, but it opened with great fanfare.  Bonnie and Mary have been going to the park a lot this week and Bonnie also had a couple of very early morning wake up calls.  One of those was to pick up the rest of his family that had spent an extended amount of time in Washington, D.C. Also, it sounds like the weather in 1915 is similar to our weather in 2012 with very hot temperatures and some thunderstorms too!  We had a good day at church today.  VBS starts tonight.  The kids are home after a week at youth camp.        

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Capitol Bombing

On Friday, July 2, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pretty Day. Filed and Indexed. "Old Time Fiddlers" Parade. Aunt Emma Leslie left Mrs. Raines'. Loaned Howard Fisher 25 cents. Sent Skin pair of supporters. Paid some bills. Aunt Emma Leslie and Mrs. Raines ate lunch with us. Attempt made to blow up the Capitol.

On Saturday, July 3, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cloudy-Warm. Shaved. Mr.Raitt went to Cincinnati, O. for 4th of July. Talked to Bill Fisher. Stayed at home in afternoon. Harry Raines went to Norfolk. Mary and I went to "American" and Oak Hall Clo. Co. for caps for Hattie English. Got letter from Christine.

On Sunday, July 4, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Warm Rain. Arose 9:30. Took bath and then went up the street for a paper. Met Mr. Fink, Mr. Hill and Capt. Rowan. Papa came up to our house and stayed until 6:30. We stayed at Mrs. Raines' until 10 p.m.

On Monday, July 5, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cloudy-Sunshine. Arose 8 a.m. Rode Harry's horse to stable and back. Drove up to Cave Spring, spent the day.  Gathered cherries with Mort Raines. Had ice cream. Met Mrs. Ronk. Talked to Bill Fisher and Felty. Mary got a card from Teeney saying she was coming home.

On Tuesday, July 6, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pleasant Day. Talked to Skin. Heavy work in the office. Took a bath at night. Mary took the baby for an automobile ride with Stewart and Mary Britts to Roger's pond. Retired at 10 p.m.

On Wednesday, July 7, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pretty Day. Mary and Bernice Hawkins took the babies to a lecture at Randolph St. Dispensary in p.m. Mary, Ethel Brown and I took the baby to Elmwood park at night. Ed Gregory and Percy Ellcott came up and looked at the baby. Sent "Tam-o-Shanter" caps to Hattie English.

On`Thursday, July 8, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot weather. Mr. Schick went out on line. Papa came up home at night. I shaved. Bought sheet of music and got hair cut. Talked to Fisher girls and Lester Steffey. 

So, I looked up the attempted bombing of the U.S. Capitol building on July 2, 1915 and indeed that did happen!  It was done by a Frank Holt, who appears to be a troubled individual as a few days later he committed suicide.  The bombing caused very little damage to the capitol and was in protest of the war in Europe. Here in 2012, we spent the 4th and a few days after in Grenville, SC visiting Beth's parents and going to the Allen family reunion.  It has still been extremely hot, but today is supposed to be the last day of the heat wave with rain and 80's for the coming week.  Most everybody now has their power back, but has been a difficult week for a lot of people.  We had church today, after being off last week and we had a funeral at 2 p.m. for Sonny Barger.  The kids leave tomorrow for church youth camp for a week.    

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pie and Power Outages

On Friday, June 25, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Beautiful Day. Wrote to Jake, Skin and Aunt Anna Smith and Mamma.  Talked to Howard in the office. Met Bill up street at night and went walking. Went to Elmwod Park and to Hotel Roanoke yard. Came home at 10:15 p.m. 

On Saturday, June 26, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Fine Day. After dinner went up to Fisher's and stayed until 7 p.m. Shaved at 9 p.m. and Mary and I took the baby and went down to Mrs. Raines' and remained until 10 p.m. Emmett Epperly came down for suitcase for Loam's trip.

On Sunday, June 27, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Fine Day. Arose at 9 a.m. Stayed around house until 4:30 p.m. Took bath and rolled baby up to Fisher's. Met Uncle John and Vesta Fisher and Clyde Ruble and stayed for supper. Came home by moonlight Loaned my camera to Agnes Bergendahl. 

On Monday, June 28, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pretty Day. Wrote up descriptions and agreements in office. Shaved at 7 p.m.. Bought 3 ice cream cones. Mary and I went to see "The Moth and the Flame" at the American. Came by Mrs. Raines' and ate piece blackberry pie.

On Tuesday, June 29, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Rain a.m. Tracy came to Roanoke. Finished binding up agreements for Capt. Rowan. Retired at 10 p.m. Johnny Foy worked at office.

On Wednesday, June 30, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy day. 

On Thursday, July 1, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pretty Day. Got a letter from Loam at Washington. Ate dinner and supper at Mrs. Raines. Mrs. Raines and Aunt Emma Leslie visiting Mrs. Edwards. Got letter from Skin. Chas. Marmaduke, electrician at Gen.'l. office died today. Mr. Schick left. 

I guess the thing that really caught my attention in Bonnie's diary this week was the 3 ice cream cones and blackberry pie, maybe I should eat some dessert! Here in 2012, we have had some really odd weather.  On Friday, after a really hot day there were some bad wind storms called "derecho". Very little rain but winds in excess of 80 mph. It has knocked out power to millions, who now have no air conditioning and temps continue to be above 100.  There are also some water outages.  We had no church services today because of this.  Businesses that have a/c are really busy.  Power company says it may be a week before power is fully restored. We still have power and water and for that we are extremely grateful! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Johnny Foy

On Friday, June 18, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot Day. Arose 8 o'clock. Skin and I shaved. Jess, Skin and I went up in the Washington Monument and then to National Museum. Then went to picture show on 9th St. and Skin and I left Jess and got a glass of beer. Then took pictures on Penn. Ave. and went down to 1st. N.W. to river and home. Got a haircut on Penn. Ave. Left Wash. 9:45 p.m.

On Saturday, June 19, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot + Rain. Arrived Roanoke at 4:00 a.m. Took bath and ate breakfast. Slep awhile. Washed my head. Talked to George Henebry and Everett and Bart on street. Went to office to look over work. Took pictures to studio to be developed. Went Louis Baca's. Stayed in at night. Changed shirts and underclothes.

On Sunday, June 20, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot weather. Shaved and took the baby down to Mrs. Raines'. Uncle Ira Smith died on 19th. We went up to spend day with Loam. Mary sick at night. Myrtle and Sadie came back to Mrs. Raines'. Met Clyde Brammer at Loam's today. Ate ice cream and chicken at Loam's. Came home at 10 o'clock. 

On Monday, June 21, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Warm-Cloudy. Came to work at 8:35 a.m. Johnny Foy was at the office. Wrote letters. Mr. Schick shook hands with me. Mr. Schick went out on line 4 p.m. Met Mrs. English. Talked to Talley and Bill Fisher. Mary went depot with Myrtle. I wrote to Skin. Wrote Aunt Osie. Got Wash. pictures. Papa came up after supper. Left at 10 p.m.

On Tuesday, June 22, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Fine Day. High winds. Indexed and filed. Pasted pictures in album. Johnny Foy worked all day on a statement for Capt. Rowan. Talked to Ernest Clover.  Mary and I fixed streamers for flowers on back porch. Shaved and retired at 10 o'clock.

On Wednesday, June 23, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool and Pretty. Filed and Indexed mail. Ate dinner at Raines. Got letter from Skin and Jake. Johnny Foy worked in office all day. Gave me 3 English coins. 

On Thursday, June 24, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Wrote up expense accounts and payrolls. Johnny Foy at the office. Shaved and took a bath at night. Talked to Clyde Foreman and Mr. Schwinger. Went down to Joe Milan's after cigars for Mr. Raitt. 

I am not sure who Johnny Foy is or where he came from.  This is the first Bonnie has written of him and yet he gets mentioned quite often this week. Sounds like Bonnie had a great time in Washington D.C.  Our family, here in 2012 has also planned a trip to D.C. for later this summer and we also plan on riding a train to DC, do some sight seeing and watch a soccer game. We had a good day at church today with really good attendance, also the church did great helping out a family in need in the community.     

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mr. Elmore Goes to Washington

On Wednesday, June 9, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot weather. Ate breakfast and went up to Aunt Duck's for dinner. Went to work in afternoon. Secy. of State Bryace resigned from cabinet. Mama 58 yrs. old. Baby is 4 mo.old today. Took bath, shaved and came up to office at night.

On Thursday, June 10, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot day. Wrote up extra bill Alma Birch. Jess went home to dinner with me and we took the baby's picture. Mr. Schick came in from W. Va. Mary and I went to see "The Carpet from Baghdad" at the "American" at 8:30 p.m. Admission 10 cents.

On Friday, June 11, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Mr. Raitt went to Bluefield. Jim Doughman to Cincinnati. I went to put blueprint No. 3. Got baby's pictures. Wrote Skin a letter. Bought film. Talked to Howard Fisher. Mrs. Raines and Sadie came up at night. Mary packed my suitcase. Elec. Storm 11 p.m.

On Saturday, June 12, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Rain p.m. Indexed and filed correspondence. Showed Mama's pictures to Mr. Schick. Took bath and shaved. Papa came to house. Loam, Jess ate supper. Everett came down. Sadie stayed all night with Mary. Jess and I left at 1:00 a.m.

On Sunday, June 13, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Very Hot. Rain. Arrived Washington 7:30 a.m. Aunt Osie and Skin met us. Went to White House and got post cards and stamps and cigars. Very sleepy. Went to Arlington National Cemetery. Prest. scheduled to speak did not. Saw Bob Evans' grave and rode all over cemetery in car. Home to supper. Wrote to Mary, et. al. Skin, Jess, and I called on Tom Bacas. Registered at Lee Mansion.

On Monday, June 14, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Hot Day. Arose at 8:30 p.m. Took pictures on street and back yard. Got letter from Mary. After Skin, Jess and I went to zoo at 3 o'clock-returned at 7:30 p.m. Ate ice cream in zoo grounds. Shaved. Skin, Jess, Teeny and I walked about 16 squares over the city. Bought candy and ice cream and went to bed.

On Tuesday, June 15, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Very Hot. Rain Hard. Arose at 6:30 a.m. Changed shirts and collars. Drew a differential (auto) diagram for Skin. Aunt Osie and I left house at 11:30 a.m. Went to Capital and stayed until 4:30. Thence to the "Dutch Market" and home on car. Caught in heavy rain. Thunderstorm while we were in The Capital. I went up to dome and got lost. Card from Mary. Bought a Chinese tea mug.

On Wednesday, June 16, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Hot Day. Arose at 8:30. Shaved. Skin went to school. Jess took a walk alone on Penna. Ave. Teeny went to school in afternoon. Aunt Osie, Teeny, Jess and I went to picture show given to get funds for a new playground. Wrote letter to Loam. Got papers from Mary and read them.

On Thursday, June 17, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy-Hot. Arose at 8:30 a.m. Skin to work. Teeny to school. Mamma and Auntie washing. Jess and I took a walk. Bought a P.C. album and card to frame. Jess hired a bicycle for 3 hours.  Read a medical journal all afternoon. Skin, Jess, Teeny and I went to a picture show at night.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Police Chase Mad Dog

On Friday, June 4, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cloudy. Headache. Jess came home with me at noon. Mr. Raines came back from Huntington, W.Va. Letter from Teeny.  Mama sent papers. Wrote estimates. Howard Fisher quit work and came down. Took Sadie to show. "American". Came back home.

On Saturday, June 5, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy. Saw Policemen hunting mad dog. Mary and Sadie went up street to sale at 5 and 10 cent store. Saw Bill Fisher. At night Mary and I exchanged Norman's shoes. Went to the "American". Met. Mrs. Patterson. Shaved and Took a bath.

On Sunday, June 6, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Papa came in sick and ate breakfast with us. Harry Raines drove Sadie and I out to Cave Spring.  Ben English came back to Roanoke. Jess came down in afternoon. Answered letter from J.O. Ronk

On Monday, June 7, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pretty Day. Bought Safety Razor for Skin. Also one film. Ben English went back home. Slight electric storm at 8:30 p.m. Bought two ice cream cones. Shaved. Very warm night. 

On Tuesday, June 8, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Mr. Schick and Mr. Raitt went away. I wrote to Skin and made up estimates and extra bills.  Ate dinner at Mrs. Raines'. Talked to Papa and Everett St. Clair. Went to pageant in Elmwood Park at 8 p.m. Papa ate supper.

Here in 2012 I got a little behind because we were out of town this past weekend for a mini-vacation and so I didn't write in the blog. I will try and write a few extra night this week so as to get caught up and also so that possibly I will not need to write on Sunday when it's Father's Day. Some of the things Bonnie writes about, I sure wish I could have seen.  I guess that's part of why reading his diary and sharing it is so much fun.  For instance, I would have loved to have seen 1915 Roanoke police officers chasing a mad dog.  I also would have loved to have seen what Cave Spring looked like in 1915 versus what it looks like today.  I wonder what kind of pageant they had in Elmwood Park?  

Sunday, June 3, 2012


On Friday, May 28, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy. Rain. Mr. Schick came in off line. Eat at office at noon. Unlocked Chief Engrs. door for Miss Shoffner. Went to Hobbies and met Steffey and Sanderson and wrote "The Holy City".

On Saturday, May 29, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Rain in p.m. Wrote up deed in office. Shaved at night. Jess came down home with me. Mr. Raines fixed stable for Harry and mashed his hand.

On Sunday, May 30, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy, rain. Arose 8 a.m. Took a bath. Washed my head. Went to Post office, to see Steffey  at Hobbie's and to station. Ben and Sadie English came down. 

On Monday, May 31, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy. Worked in morning. Mr. Raitt went to Cincinnati, O. Got our checks. Helped Harry and Mr. Raines fill up the bed of the stable. Got a letter from Skin. 

End of month note for May 1915:  Mr. Brown tearing down his stable. Looking forward to my trip to Washington, D.C. Geo. W. Jett appointed Supt. of Telegraph N&W. Mr. W.C. Walstrom deceased.

On Tuesday, June 1, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Steady Rain. Ben English went home. Paid bills. Wrote letter for Dr. Burks. Mr. Schick went out to Blfd. and Williamson. Wrote to "Skin". Shaved. Bad headache.  

On Wednesday, June 2, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Raining. Mr. Brown finished putting concrete in wall, around yard. Paid some bills. Came back to office at 8 p.m. and wrote up estimates until 9:30. Went to "Bijou" Theater. Bought pocketbook. Came home on car 10:30. Very dark night.

On Thursday, June 3, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Raining. Sent to $2.00 to Mamma. Paid gas bill. Filed letters. Bought shirts (2); 2 suits, underwear, 2 collars and 1 pair supporters - "Globe". Shaved. Got card from Mrs. Raines advising of her proposed trip home Friday.

I guess all the stable talk in this week's entries is because Harry bought a horse which we read about not too long ago.  Possibly Mr. Brown is tearing down his stable and Harry and gang are using the parts to rebuild one for Harry's horse.  I am not sure what Hobbie's is.  Possibly a boarding house where Steffey is staying? I sure would like to know what this "Holy City" is that Bonnie wrote and sounds like he bought a whole new wardrobe!  Here in 2012, this past week seemed to creep by.  We have had somewhat of a busy weekend but thankful that Beth did not have to work as much this weekend as expected.  We have to work Bingo tonight but looking forward to a trip to Tennessee this coming weekend for Caleb to go to soccer camp and the rest of us to enjoy some rest.  We had a good time last night with Mom and Amy's family at The Homeplace restaurant.  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Doctored a Kitten

On Friday, May 21, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pretty Day, Mr. Raitt left on #1 for Bluefield. Wrote to Skin and Christine. Shaved. Stayed at home in afternoon account of Mary feeling ill. Elmer E. Brown and I went to drug store and office. Sou. Ry. pass arrived. Mrs. Seymour came up to prepare milk.

On Saturday, May 22, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pretty Day. S.H. Staples came in. Mr. Raitt came home from off line. Thunder storm - stayed at home. I rolled the baby out in the carriage. Mrs. Raines feeling ill. 

On Sunday, May 23, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Pretty Day a.m. Thunder storm in afternoon. Rained at night. Mary and I took dinner and supper with her parents. Went up to Loam's in afternoon. Retired 10:00 p.m. Shaved. 

On Monday, May 24, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Busy at office. Letter from Aunt Osie and Skinny. Wrote Aunt Anna and Aunt Osie. Mary and I wen to "American" to see "Cinderella". Went to Elmwood to hear concert. Harry Raines bought a horse for $150.00 Mr. Schick went out on line.

On Tuesday, May 25, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy Day. Shaved and ate at Mrs. Raines. Wrote a letter to Skinny. Harry took Mr. Raines driving. Busy at the office writing up payrolls and expense account and Excess Board accounts. Read the "Fra" 

On Wednesday, May 26, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Cloudy. Capt. Rowan went to Lynchburg, Va. to attend ceremonies incident to the unveiling of monument to Jno. W. Daniels. Mrs. Raines left for Huntington, W. Va. to visit Aunt Anna Smith. Mr. Raitt went to Salem to fish. Jess stayed all evening with me at the office.

On Thursday, May 27, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Harry Raines and I doctored the kitten. Cleaned up at the office. Kitten died  Shaved. Went to the "American" to see "Craustark". 

A lot to comment on today.  Bonnie is going to the theater a lot again  and often with Mary  and they saw something I recognized in "Cinderella". I especially thought it was cool that Bonnie mentions going to Elmwood to hear a concert.  That is Elmwood park of course, which still exists today and in fact this weekend in 2012 is "Festival in the Park" where there are all kinds of concerts in the park.  So that has been around for close to 100 years.  Speaking of being around 100 years.  Here in 2012, there is a story on WDBJ7 about Milan's tobacco shop being 100 years old.  Bonnie often writes about going to Milan's for cigars and all kinds of other things.  The story mentions that Milan's is now owned by another family but kept the same name and is one of only a few tobacco shops left.  Also, how cool to read about somebody buying a horse! Also, don't hear much about that any more unless somebody is just really into horses as a hobby. I looked up the Daniels monument in Lynchburg, Va. and apparently it still exists today as well.  He was a lawyer and state delegate from Lynchburg and was known as the "Lame Lion of Lynchburg" as he was wounded in the Civil War.  Wow!  What living history is contained in this diary and on Memorial Day weekend even!  Laughed out loud when Bonnie states that he and Harry doctored on a kitten and then 2 lines later states that the kitten died.  Glad that Bonnie was not a veterinarian! Headed to Mom's tonight for supper with family from Staunton.  Caleb and I ran a 10K race yesterday as part of Festival in the Park.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Othine and Mellius Food

On Friday, May 14, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Beautiful Day. Phoned to Loam. Jess came down, ate supper and after attending the show, spent the night with me. Mary stayed at her mother's until we came back from show.  Met Mr. Raitt in "American" Theater and enjoyed the show.

On Saturday, May 15, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Mr. Schick came in from the road. Jess walked to office with me. Also Bill Bedinger. Talked to Jimmy Eades. Jess and I walked to Steffey's and to the Crystal Springs.  Took bath. Went to the "Bijou" theater at night and walked to Park street with Jess.

On Sunday, May 16, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day. Arose 9 o'clock. Went to Mrs. Raines' for eggs.  Ethel Wade was up to see us before breakfast. Shaved. Ate supper with her and Mrs. Raines. Walked up to office and Elwood Park. Saw Gladys and Vivian Foster in Auto.

On Monday, May 17, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Windy and clear. Finished Indexing and filing. H.M. Waugh came in office.  Also Rob. Boxley. Caught ball with Elmer Brown. Talked to Mrs. Cook.  Edith and Nettie Fisher came down to see the baby and took one of his pictures.

On Tuesday, May 18, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Pretty Day.  Made request for Sou. Ry. Pass from Lynchburg, Va. to Washington, D.C. to be used on vacation in  June. Mary bought a straw hat at Rosenbaum's.  I met J.C. Miller in office. I made up agreements for Leckie Spur. Shaved.

On Wednesday, May 19, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Rain. Got a letter from Mamma and Skin. Mary and I went to show. Very bad headache.

On Thursday, May 20, 1915 Bonnie Elmore wrote:  Rain. Bought "Othine" and Mellius food. Cloudy. Wrote letter to Mamma and Aunt Osie. Ladies Home Journal came. Talked to Mr. Privitt.

I really have no idea what "Othine and Mellius" food is.  Is that a plant food?  Here in 2012: Rachel went to her junior prom last night with a group of girls from school.  They had a good time.  Caleb is on a hike with the church youth group this afternoon.  Missing a lot of folks from church today but still attendance was not too bad. Caleb and I watched the Champs League final soccer game yesterday but the team we were pulling for, Bayern-Munich, lost.  Oh well.