This blog is mainly taken from my Great Grandfather's diary. In 2012 we are in the year 1915, after completing 1916 in 2010 and 1927 in 2011. 1915 is the year that my Great Uncle Norman was born. 1927 is the year that my Great Uncle Roger, was born. 1916 was the year that my grandmother, Annah Lee was born.

My Great-Grandfather's name was Bonnie Elmore and he worked as a clerk or secretary for the old Norfolk & Western Railroad, based in Roanoke, VA. Mary is his wife. Norman is their first born son. The Raines are Mary's parents. Skin is Bonnie's brother along with Jake.

Bonnie's work associates and friends are also mentioned quite a bit. Bonnie does a great job of blending everyday life in 1915 with the mention of some world and USA history as well. I do know from a quick glance ahead that 1915 is going to be quite different as Bonnie did not write quite as much.

After Bonnie's diary entry, I will occasionally make comments, maybe tell a little about life in 2012, possibly some current events, and some musing about the Christian faith.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leap Day 1916

On Monday, February 28, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cold-Clear. Arose at 7:00 a.m. Walked to work with Erskin Hill. Jno. M. Rodgers came down to talk to Captain. Correspondence light. Marie Randelman called me on phone twice. Norman sick and vomited. Met Carter Thompson. Talked Skin. Bought box of cnady from J&J. Norman sick at night. Up all night with him. Shaved at night. Mrs. Raines sick at night. Leap Year in 1916, son February 29, 1916 Bonnie wrote: Snow & Cold. Arose at 6:30. Made fire and went to Mrs. Raines, Hurst's & Kinsey's for coal. Mr. Schick away. Mr. Burleson in, work slow in office. Got haircut. Paid off. Got cheque cashed. Sent coal up home. Read Cosmopolitan. Paid Kinsey. Carter Thompson came by office. I stayed in at night. Other remarks at end of month of February: Much agitation about moving this month. Looked at numerous houses, but decided on cottage. Also, agitation in Government circles, due to war. March 1st submarine activity on armed merchantmen effective. Okay, so I worked a little ahead because of being out of town, then discovered that in 1916 it was leap year and Bonnie also had some other comments that I thought were good for the blog. Sounds like there might be some kind of bug going around the Elmores. Good day at church today. Decent crowd and they had a reception for me after church for winning the Governor's fire service award. I have such a great church family! In Proverbs 10:19 today it basically says that where there are lots of words there will be sin, Lord help us restrain our lips. Wow, now there is some wisdom.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bottomley Up

On Thursday, February 24, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Rain all day. Mrs. Funk and Mrs. Patsel spent day with Mrs. Raines. Finished filing and indexing. Mary didn't go to dentist office. Talked to Skin about job. Walked down street with Julian Pitman. Shaved at night. Read "Ladies Home Journal" and "American Magazine". Retired at 10:30 p.m. Raining. On Friday, February 25, 1916 Bonnie wrote: Warm-Sultry. Mr. Schick away. Mr. Bottomley up. T. Hillaggel came up. C. D. Thompson came to office. Mary had some teeth filled. Mrs. Raines came up at night and stayed until 9:45 p.m. High Winds. Read "American" magazine. Mrs. Brown came up to crochet. We retired at 10:30 p.m. I am going to be out of town for a couple of days and so let me go ahead and give Bonnie's entries for the next couple of days as well. On Saturday, February 26, 1916: Cold-Clear. Mr. Schick in. Wrote letter for Skin to F.J. Featherstone. Wrote D.A.R. for Mrs. James P. Schick. Went up home in p.m. Loam there. Ordered groceries from C.W.'s store. I went up town at night and read at Joe Milan's Came home at 9:30 and shaved. Very high wind and cold. Retired at 10 o'clock. On Sunday, February 27, 1916: High Wind-Cold. Get Washington Post for Sunday Mag. Got paper at 6:00 p.m. Talked Howard Fisher & Jno. Mason. Went to office and wrote recommendation for Skin. Mrs. Raines took Norman down home. We had oysters for breakfast. I arose at 9 a.m. and made fire. Stayed in and read until 5 o'clock p.m. Took a bath. (Last Bath at Brown's) Wow, High winds here in 2010 too. Interesting that the move must be near. I recognize the DAR reference as the Daughters of the American Revolution. That's gonna be about it for tonight. Busy getting things ready to go to Virginia Beach for a few days. I am receiving an award at the Fire Chief's Conference for Excellence in Fire and Life Safety education. We will be back on Sunday.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello - Goodbye.

On Wednesday, February 23, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Damp-Warm. Mr. Schick back. Took 2 messages to telegraph office. Magazines came from New York. Wrote Motion Picture Corporation for picture Leo. Delaney. Mr. Schick left on #3 for ? (can't read the writing) Walked home with Chas. Shauck. Wrote up payrolls. Mary went up town to have teeth fixed. Read some at night. Mr. Schick sure didn't stay in town long did he? I hope Nanny likes going to the dentist better than I do. Leo Delaney was an actor who was born in 1885 and died in 1920 and was in a lot of movies between 1907 and 1920. This will be short tonight as the taxi service is in full gear and the computer is in high demand with church newsletters and bulletins needing to be done.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sock Party

On Tuesday, February 22, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool-Sunshine. Geo. Washington's birthday. Skin and I went to W.L. Battle's office to talk about chauffeur's job. Talked Mr. Pitman. Indexed mail. Andrew Beaver took supper with us. Mary went to Renner's sock party. Ms. Steele et al up. I shaved. Talked to Everett, Jake, McDermott. Worked until 4 o'clock. Retired at 10:30 p.m. Indeed today is General George's birthday. I have recently done a lot more reading about the Revolutionary war because of my interest in family things. My paternal grandfather's side of the family and my maternal grandfather's side of the family have connections to that war. I have a lot of new found respect for George and what he stood for, so Happy Birthday to the first President of the United States. Bonnie is helping his brother Skin, find a job and chauffeur's job sounds pretty cool. The Andrew Beaver fellow must be more of a family friend than a celebrity. Sometimes it is hard to tell with the way Grandaddy writes. I would love to know more about the sock party that Nanny went to. My daughter loves crazy socks and has had a few sock party's herself, as long as we are talking about the same thing. Since this is a blog about family and history and marking dates etc. I should point out that today is the 2nd anniversary of my father's death. Bonnie was my dad's maternal grandfather. We spent some time with Mom this evening, ate supper at her house and visited. We miss Dad a lot, especially his silly, goofy times. He did have a great sense of humor. But I am also extremely thankful that Dad was a Jesus follower and for the promise of heaven. I would not have wanted him to stay here in the condition he was in at the end of his life. Today, he is healed and in a much better place thanks to what Jesus did for us on the cross and his resurrection!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


On Monday, February 21, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool and Sunny. Went to Western Union & watched Al. G. Field's minstrel parade. Mary came to Jeff. St. to meet me. Letter from Natn'l Sunday magazine New York Office. Mary and I went to Dr. Payne's office at night and to "Bijou" Theater. Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Raines up home. Judge Cutchin spoke at the Assembly Hall. Retired at 10:30 p.m. I understand from looking at some historical photographs of Roanoke that different kinds of parades were quite common. I always love a good parade even today. Interesting that Bonnie got some sort of letter from the National Sunday magazine. Today, ironically that magazine is called Parade! I am glad Bonnie and Mary were able to have Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Raines watch the kids while they went to a movie and the doctor's office. A really beautiful day today in 2010. We were due one after all the snow. A good Sunday at church today. Rachel went driving some today...my they grow up quick. Getting ready to go watch the race. I hope they can get it in, I understand rain is in the forecast in California.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

On Sunday, February 20, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Beautiful Day. Arose 8 a.m. Harry Raines up. We rolled Norman to Virginian Sta. Howard Fisher and Carter Thompson called on phone. Howard went with me rolling Norman to new cottage. Met Bob Davis, Geo. Walters, & Albert Merchent. We went Wasena. Met Skin & Jake. Ate supper at Mrs. Raines and came home at 8:30 p.m. Aunt Annah-Mrs. Raines Belmont Church. I think today in 2010 is also going to be really pretty and it's about time after all the snow we have had. I also arose at 8 a.m. today. Looks like Bonnie had a day full of walking around town and visiting with friends and family. Bonnie does mention the new cottage but nothing more, like location, description etc. I am assuming that Wasena is Wasena park which is still around today. Bonnie also met up with his brothers Skin and Jake. The mention at the end about Aunt Annah, Mrs. Raines and Belmont Church interests me. I am supposing that those 2 ladies went to that church on that Sunday and that is what Bonnie is communicating here. There are several churches in the Belmont area of Roanoke. Of course, I am most familiar with Belmont Baptist. Bonnie has mentioned a Presbyterian church before, I am unsure if there is a Belmont Presbyterian. I do know that there is a Belmont Brethren church, I think and maybe a Belmont Christian Church and one of those, the Brethren church I am pretty sure, was associated with Nanny and Grandaddy. I am having trouble getting my Bible podcast to download today. I might actually have to read the Bible! Ha! I do read along with the podcast when I am at home, but I will miss Brian Hardin's devotional comments. Caleb and I are having a guys day while the girls go shopping. Most of the housework was done yesterday. We are headed to breakfast soon, some errands, maybe a couple of chores, Caleb has a basketball game and then the Nationwide race tonight!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Barber Bonnie

On Friday, February 18,1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool-Pleasant. Walked up town with Minnie Sullivan. Received a letter and money order from Blaine. Wrote to Blaine. Mrs. Raines and Aunt Annah spent day with Funk's in Vinton. Schmidt electrocuted in New York for murder of Anna Amuller. Mrs. Raines up. I stayed in and read. On Saturday, February 19, 1916 Bonnie wrote: Very Cold. Loam called me up about money for Momma. Andrew Beaver is in the city. Went up home for lunch. Came back to the office in p.m. & wrote letter. Came home and shaved and took a bath. Cut Jake's hair with clippers and shaved his neck. Retired at 10 o'clock. This mention of the electrocution of a Schmidt fellow in New York for a murder intrigued me and so I did a little research on the Internet and wow, there is apparently all kinds of stuff out there. Most of my information came from wikipedia, but there are books and all kinds of other articles about this case. There was quite the media frenzy surrounding this case from 1913-1916 and newspapers went to even some sensationalism covering this story. Schmidt is Hans Schmidt and he was a Catholic priest who had a sexual affair with the cleaning lady at the rectory, her name was Anna Aumuller. When he discovered that she was pregnant, he killed her rather gruesomely. He was sentenced to death and was electrocuted on 2-18-1916. He is the only Catholic priest to ever be punished by death in the U.S. It is now thought that Schmidt may have been involved in at least 2 other murders, 1 in New York and 1 in Germany, his home land. Blaine and Jake are 2 of Bonnie's brothers and Loam is a sister. Jake had just recently landed a job at the N&W shops here in Roanoke and possibly that is why he needed a haircut! Sounds to me like they are trying to take care of their parents and each other. I am unsure who Andrew Beaver is and I am also unfamiliar with the Funks in Vinton. From the posts a couple of days ago, I thought it was neat the Grandaddy wrote in the Bible, I don't think that gets done much anymore. I also wondered about the Crumpacker fellow he mentioned, who obviously worked at the railroad. There were some Crumpackers from the area I live in now who owned a big orchard, I wonder if it is the same family? Also, that "Fall of a Nation" book must have been a loaner and Bonnie wanted his own copy. I have had some really good times in the Bible recently and probably more than I could write about here, but they have all been recorded in my personal spiritual journal. The Old Testament readings recently have been from Leviticus and with all the Old Testament law it is not the most exciting book to read. It seems outdated and even gross at times. But, it has shown me a little better the sacrificial system. It strikes me how often words like unblemished, spotless, atonement and sacrifice keep coming up in Leviticus and helped me realize how important this stuff was. The sacrifice was meant to be something of worth, something that cost you something, your best and it was used as a symbol I suppose of taking care of your sins. Showing that your sins are costly. So, that leads me to Jesus. He was spotless, blameless, the perfect sacrifice and very costly to the Father as well as to us. Our sins were and are very costly. We must be very valuable to God for Him to send His best to die for us. Makes one think about the sins you commit and also think about what you are sacrificing to God. Maybe we need some of that idea of sacrifice back into our lives.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Readin' and Writin'

In the midst of a couple of very busy evenings, so here is what Bonnie wrote for yesterday and today and then comments to possibly follow later. On Wednesday, February 16, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Beautiful Day. Walked up town with Bob McClellan. Read letter from Washington Post. Wrote to Chicago for "Fall of a Nation". Jake reported for duty at the shops. Mary, Mrs. Raines and Aunt Annah took children to see "Auntie" Airheart. I finished reading "Himself". Wrote certificate of our marriage and babies births in new Bible. On Thursday, February 17, 1916 Bonnie wrote: Cool-Pleasant. Harry Crumpacker returned to work after sick spell. Mary rolled Norman up town to meet me. Loam and Austin came down in afternoon. I sawed wood and carried out trash etc. Shaved at night and read until 10 p.m. Mr. Raines came up and gave Norman 5 cents.

Monday, February 15, 2010

House for Rent?

On Tuesday, February 15, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cold-Sunny. Correspondence low in office. Read papers in morning. Mr. Bruner came in. Carter Thompson came to office. I bought Jake pair of overalls. Aunt Annah spent afternoon at home of Mrs. Hughes. Mrs. Raines came up. We ate lunch with her. Mr. Raines gave us a large Bible. I sawed wood and shaved. Genevieve & Joe Sullivan's wife came to look at rooms. Bonnie's entry for today includes lots of people I don't know. I do know that Jake was a brother and that Aunt Annah was of course an Aunt and I think who my grand-mother was named after. I did receive another email from Roger to tell me that when we read of Lena, that is a sister of Bonnie's also. She lived in D.C. and was a fun loving lady who was a fan of the Washington Redskins. She attended their games as long as she was able. Now see that right there says something for genetics. I too am a big fan of the Redskins even though that has been difficult lately. I like that Bonnie and Mary got a large Bible. Every young, growing family should have at least one. I don't know why those ladies came to look at rooms. My best guess would be that Bonnie and Mary's house is now up for rent since they plan to move and that these were maybe some people interested in renting their place. But, Bonnie hasn't said anything in the diary for a while now about the move. That's about it for tonight. Rachel has play practice tonight and so the taxi driver must eat, change and get ready to go!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Grocery Day

On Monday, February 14, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Extremely Cold. Go to Lodge. Loam phoned me regarding home folks. Introduced to Mr. Thomas Moher. Mary took groceries up home on car and came home at 1:20 p.m. Mr. Schick left on #3 for West. I took eggs out to Mrs. Schick. Wrote recommendation for W.H. Burke. Walked home with Mr. Steffey. Weather was very cold during day. Uncle Roger's info is paying off today, as Loam and Steffey are mentioned in today's entry. Thanks again Roger. It was nice of Bonnie to look out after Mrs. Schick while her husband was out of town. I just love grocery day myself...I am just saying...it's good to have food in the house in the winter. Not good for getting into shape, unless that shape is round, but I still like it. By the way I have some work to do at the gym! I did attempt to look up some things about "The Great Jewel" and "The Fall of a Nation". I was not able to find anything about the Jewel movie, and as far as the book titled "The Fall of a Nation" did not find anything, but it was a movie in 1916. The plot sounded familiar, a war movie, either Bonnie already had seen the movie an decided to read the book, or wants to read the book before seeing the movie. The weather is still cold in 2010 too. In fact more snow is forecast for tomorrow and next weekend. We finally got to have church today and it felt really good to be back in God's house again. Today of course is Valentine's Day and we celebrated Lord's Supper at church, which I thought was appropriate, as it took some extreme love for Jesus to willingly die on the cross for our sins and we do need to be reminded of that every now and then. Sermon today was from Exodus 5:1-15 and was about Pharaoh, Man in Rebellion. He rebelled against the plan of God, the person of God, and the people of God. Today's Bible reading included Matthew 28 and The Great Commission. The last words of Jesus before ascending back into heaven. For Christians, this is The Big Idea. The thing that draws us together and gives us purpose, the thing we are supposed to be doing.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Roger Fills in Blanks!

On Saturday, February 12, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool-Cloudy. Mr. Schick returned to office. Capt. Boxley (R.F.) came in office.) Mrs. Raines left at 9:00 for Winston-Salem, N.C. to visit Ms. Hamilton. Old man is "raw" today. Jake and Jess came to our house this afternoon. I went to the American at night to see "The Great Jewel". Sawed wood with N&W saw borrowed from Mr. Raines. On Sunday, February 13, 1916 Bonnie wrote: Snow & Rain. Arose at 9:30. Oyster for our breakfast. Christine's dog died. I took bath and shaved. Stayed indoors until 3:30 p.m. Ate supper at Mrs. Raines, she came back. Bruce came over and ate supper. Went to Johnson's & Johnson's and Joe Milan's. Annah Lee sick. Mary and I retired at 11:30 p.m. I read "The Fall of a Nation". So sorry that Christine's dog died. Christine is Bonnie's sister, also called Teeney. I will have to look up some information on the movie "The Great Jewel" and the book "The Fall of a Nation" for a future post possibly. I just got an email from my great-uncle Roger, who is Bonnie's youngest son, and Roger was able to fill in some blanks for me that we have been wondering about. So, I will share some of those now. From now on when we see the name Loam, we will need to remember that this is Bonnie's sister whose real name is Salome. Roger says, Annah Lee (Granny) looked just like Loam. Loam was independent and lived alone on west Salem Ave. in Roanoke after her husband's death. Bonnie and Mary rented a cottage on the NW corner of Jamison Ave. and 9th St. SE. I am guessing this where they are, while this diary is being written. Though, the Elmores do appear ready to make a move. Lester Steffey was a childhood/teenage friend of Bonnie's. They grew up together in NE Roanoke. Steffey ran a newsstand in downtown Roanoke and later moved into the clothing business. So now we know that Steffey's is a newsstand. I should have figured that. Roger says that at some point the Steffey's move to Jackson, TN to follow an opportunity to sell custom made clothing for men. "Skin" is Bonnie's younger brother and his real name is Rufus. He died while in his early 20's due to pneumonia. Wow! So, skin is a relative and brother in fact. Uncle Roger adds that indeed it was customary for mothers to spend 2 weeks in bed after child delivery. Roger, you have been a huge help and we continue to look forward to more input! I feel such a sense that we accomplished something today that this ends today's post!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skin called

On Friday, February 11, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Beautiful Weather. Got to work at 8:45 a.m. Indexed and filed correspondence. Skin phoned me at home at 2 p.m. Mary rolled Norman out. Carter Thompson talked to me in front office 5:30 p.m. I talked to Mrs. Thompson, Maude Bowdell & Mrs Meadows. Stayed home at night & shaved. Mrs. Raines came up after supper. Feeling Blahh tonight so just a few comments. First, on yesterday's post I had Granny's age wrong, she would have been one month old not 1 year and 1 month. Thus the gift of gold. Thanks to the Anonymous commenter! Second, was Bonnie at home at 2 p.m. to receive a call from Skin? Shaving is important and apparently takes a while. Read today in Exodus where the Israelites make a golden calf. We make idols too when we feel that God has abandoned us. How cool that Moses got to see God from the back and that God put his hand on Him. Beyond even the imagination. In Matthew Jesus continues to the Cross after Peter denies Him and He does so willingly. So, the picture is...we make idols, put other gods before the Almighty God, and deny that we know Him and then He willingly dies on the cross for our sins, so that we can have eternal life. What an inexpressible gift!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gold gift

On Thursday, February 10, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Damp-cool. Mr. Schick left on #1 this a.m. Beautiful afternoon. Harry Raines gave Annah Lee $2.50 in gold as birthday present. I made deposit of it in bank. Sec'y and Asst. Sec'y of War Harrison and Breckenridge respectively resigned from cabinet because of disagreement over Continental Army Plan. Maj. Gen. Hugh Scott acting Sec'y. This may be rather short, even though I have noticed that when I say that I tend to maybe be longer than normal, oh well. The boss is away and Granny (Annah Lee) got a 1 year and 1 month birthday present of gold. That's pretty cool. Then Bonnie writes more about World War I. Very Windy and Cold here in 2010. Blowing snow, icy roads and fires. Those things don't mix for firefighters, but they seem to go together for lots of other people, unfortunately. Some friendly fire safety reminders: Please be very careful with heat sources like space heaters, wood stoves, and even radiator type heaters. Anything that can burn should be kept 3 feet away from those things! Also, not only is smoking bad for your health, it is very dangerous! Never smoke in bed. And finally, if you have something on the stove please stay with it. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of house fires. Today from Exodus 30 and 31 more about the specifics of the tabernacle and the utensils. I read an interesting note in my Soul Care Bible about the altar of incense. It represented the prayers of the people of Israel and served as a reminder to pray daily. What serves as your reminder to pray and worship daily? The smoke rising up and the pleasing fragrance lifting towards heaven represented the prayers. By the way, be careful with incense too, but still a neat representation. Also, neat that God had gifted the craftsmen who were to make all these things for the tabernacle. God still gives gifts to people to be used for His Kingdom. Whatever the task in the church, God has gifted someone for it. The question being are we using the gifts God has given us? Psalm 32 was really good about forgiveness.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Norman

On Wednesday, February 9, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Rain-colder. Norman is one year old today. Wrote Papa a letter. Sent stamps, newspapers, & tobacco. Miss Elizabeth Farley sent a birthday card to Norman. We ate lunch at Mrs Raines. Bought shoe polish and candy. Blacked shoes. Shaved, washed my hair. Carter Thompson came to office at 5:15 p.m. Went to post office. Happy Birthday Norman! Today is Uncle Norman's birthday. In the diary he has turned 1. If he were alive today he would be 95. Uncle Norman was a neat guy. A Colonel in the Army and participated in the D-day landing in Normandy. He was also instrumental in the founding of the National D-day Memorial located in Bedford, VA. As I understood it from my grandmother, Annah Lee, Norman was kind of the Golden Boy of the family which is not uncommon for the first born. I used to mow his grass as a teen-ager. I wish I could remember some more stories. Bonnie sent his father a care package of sorts and Norman got a card in the mail. What a combination of shoe polish and candy! I suppose Carter just walked home with Bonnie, I am guessing they didn't go to a movie as there may have been a birthday celebration for Norman though that is not mentioned in the diary, even though shoe polish and candy is! Then again, maybe it was a dress up party where shoes needed to be polished and I am sure that candy was a treat! Heck, Bonnie even shaved and washed his hair! Read in Matthew 26 today about the betrayal of Christ and his move to the cross. Still hard to read at times and a reminder of how often we deny Christ or even betray Him when we are sure that we would not do that, just like Peter.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Refuse wood

On Tuesday, February 8, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool-Pleasant. Got to work at 8:45 a.m. Mary came to office for me. We went up home on car. Everett was there. We ate there. We came home on car. Completed writing up G & T.R.R.R. Index cards. Got a letter from Papa. Everett gave Momma 2 cards for refuse wood. I am going to have to admit that I don't know much of what is going on here. It's cool that Mary came to the office and got Bonnie and then they went home and had lunch, but then they went home on car? I thought they were home. I'm confused. Maybe they went to Bonnie's parent's house and then went to their house. Bonnie got those index cards done. I really don't understand the 2 cards that Everett gave to Momma for refuse wood. What? I think Norman's birthday is tomorrow so maybe that entry will be a little more clear. In Matthew 25 and 26 Jesus talks about doing unto the least of these and when you do you have done for the Lord. This passage often seems to convict me. Should I being do more for the least of these? Then there is the juxtaposition of the woman with the expensive perfume who anoints Jesus and the disciples say "Hey, we could have used that money for the least of these" (Clingenpeel translation) and Jesus tells them to leave her alone because you will always have the poor with you. Seems to me that Jesus is telling us that He is to be the central part of our lives!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Intentions to move

On Monday, February 7, 1916 Bonni Elmore wrote: Cool-Sunshine. R.F. Boxley in. I am writing index cards today for maps G&T.R.R.R.! Howard Fisher came by home for me and walked to the office door. Sent coal and wood home. Carter Thompson came by the office at night. I got hair-cut, and came home and shaved. Norman sick at midnight and vomited. Mary advised Mrs. Brown about our moving out. I am not sure of the initials that Bonnie uses but guessing they represent another railroad, or utility company of some sort. I don't know if Bonnie and Mary have now found a house to purchase or if they are just letting the landlord know of their intentions. I did hear from a comment on yesterday's blog post that the house I am remembering was on 8th Street and that my grandmother had mentioned that they lived somewhere else before that. We will see what happens. No church today due to heavy snowfall over the weekend, but I have been invited to preach at a get together of folks at Orchard Villas today. That should be fun. Roads appear to be in good shape around here, but I have already heard on the fire radio of people falling and one of those was at a church with a possible broken leg! Please Be Careful out there! Today is also Super Bowl Sunday. We are planning on watching the game with Mom.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stroll in the Park

On Sunday February 6, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Mild-Sunny. Arose at 7:45. Rolled Norman up town and all over Elmwood park from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. Mary and I went to First Christian Church to hear Dr. McQuaig. Ate lunch at Mrs. Raines. Carter Thompson and I walked to Mt. Park. Stopped at Steffey's and ate chocolate cake. Mary and I went to look at cottage on Jamison Ave. Sounds like a great winter Sunday afternoon for the Elmores. Bonnie and Norman got to spend some quality time together. Bonnie and Mary went to church, ate lunch with her family and looked at another house. And, Bonnie also got to spend some time with his good friend Carter where they went back to Steffey's and ate chocolate cake. Ok, maybe Steffey's is a diner? Still snowing here this morning. There is some house cleaning going on, a decision on church will need to be made and with this much snow I am sure we will not be having church. The driveway will need to be shoveled. The kids spent the night at Grandma's last night. I actually might be preaching tomorrow at Mom's neighborhood. I can walk there and none of their churches will be meeting tomorrow either, so they may have a neighborhood service. That should be neat. Read today about Moses meeting with God and what that was like. How awesome to meet with God in person. Then God gives Moses lots of specifics about worship implements, which tells me that God cares greatly about our worship and that God cares about the specifics of our lives. In Matthew 24 it says that earth and sky will wear out but His words never will. That's interesting with all of the environmental talk that goes on. Back to Exodus, it is interesting that God works little by little instead of just giving us things with a snap. That's exactly what he did with the Israelites. But we want thing right now. Instead, life is more of a process of growth and spiritual maturity that requires faith, trust, and patience. We should rest in God and his Divine order and that takes discipline. Do well in the assignment He has given you currently!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pennington's Choice

Got some catchin' up to do. On Thursday, February 3, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Snow-Cold. Partial Eclipse of the Sun. Got to work at 8:50 a.m. Looked at sun thru eyeglass. Mary and I looked at house on Jamison Ave. in afternoon. I went to see Pace Bros. in eve. Mr. & Mrs. Raines came up at night and brought apples. Very cold. Carter Thompson came by the office at 5 p.m. On Friday, February 4, 1916 Bonnie wrote: Cold-Clear. Work at 8:45 ahead of all. Mary and I went to inspect a house on 6th Ave. Got to work at 3:30 p.m. Mike Sexton in the office. Carter Thompson and I went to American Theater at night. Talked to Jake. Came home at 11:00 p.m. on car. Phoned Ms. Fielding. On Saturday, February 5, 1916 Bonnie wrote: Cold-Frost. Mr. Schick got to office first. Correspondence very light. Rolled Norman out for first time in push-cart. Shaved in p.m. Mary and I went up to the "American" at night to see "Pennington's Choice" my second time. came home at 10:30 p.m. Wow, ok I missed some things the past couple of days. Snow in Roanoke February 1916 and lots of snow in Roanoke in 2010. At home from work today because of expected foot plus snowfall in Roanoke. Pretty cool about the eclipse too. I will be very interested to keep up with the progress of the Elmore's house search. I don't know who the Pace Bros. are. There is a Pace Bros. in Roanoke and they are an excavating company I think. Apparently Grand-daddy is having a race to see who can get in the office first each day. I am usually about the second one in for the Fire Marshal's office, Maybe fourth or fifth for all of Fire Administration. The house on 6th Ave. maybe sounds familiar. Any of my relative readers out there can comment about the house I would be thinking of. I think it was the last house they lived in before going to the nursing home. Grand-daddy still loves to go see movies. A reminder for new readers that Jake is Bonnie's brother. I don't know who Ms. Fielding is. Real Estate agent? Bonnie mentioned the new push cart for Norman the other day. I think today we would call it a stroller. I am tickled to see that Bonnie actually went to see a movie with his wife Mary!! She usually has to stay at home with the kids. Sounds like he even sucked it up and went to see a movie he had already seen because that is what she wanted to see. "Pennington's Choice" was released in November 1915 and starred Francis Bushman and Beverly Bayne who we talked about in an earlier blog post. There is a good synopsis of the plot of that movie at this website: http://www.allmovie.com/work/penningtons-choice-105851 Lots of good Bible reading here recently from Exodus and Matthew. I heard a prayer request today on Daily Audio Bible about Christians being persecuted in Egypt. These Christians were shot and killed as they came out of church. Please pray for God's protection for these brothers and sisters in Christ!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

House Purchase?

On Wednesday, February 2, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Rain & colder. Talked to Johnny Gray. Carter was up to see me. Indexed and filed mail. Talked with Mr. Schick regarding the purchase of a house. Harry Raines and his mother ate dinner with us. Sent things home. Shaved at night. Tonight's post may be rather brief. I had some church matters to tend to tonight and getting ready to have some family time. So those things do have to do with the blog: Family and Faith! Looks like the Elmores might be getting ready to purchase a house. I got the impression the other day that they were renting, when Bonnie stated that he was notified by Mrs. Brown that the electric bill was increasing. She sounded like the land lord. Also, this would explain why the address in Bonnie's diary is not where I remember them living. I wonder what things Bonnie sent home? Bonnie says he shaved at night. Based on yesterday's post and comments, maybe he did shave ALL night. HA!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Piano Pay-er

On Monday, January 31, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Capt. Rowan returned to the office. Annah Lee is 3 weeks old today. Mrs. Brown notified us of increase in electric light bill. I cut Norman's hair at noon. Got our paychecks. Went to "American" at night to see "The Rack" came home on car and shaved from 10 p.m. - 11 p.m. On Tuesday, February 1, 1916 Bonnie wrote: Rain-cooler. Paid bills. Went to bank for Capt. Rowan. Made final payment on piano. Interest remaining is $40.60. Harry Raines bought Norman a push cart $4.50. Carter Thompson went out to Steffey's to see Marie Randelesman. Mrs. Raines came up at night. Bonnie got informed that his electric bill was going up. I would be interested in knowing how much it was as electric rates have also been rising here in 2010. It has been quite the topic in the news and among conversation between people. I have heard of some electric bills well in excess of $300. I bet Bonnie's was no where near that much. I also looked up the movie "The Rack". It was released on December 27, 1915 and was apparently about marriage and starred a bunch of people I have never heard of. There was no plot summary given. Do you really think that Bonnie shaved for a full hour? I know when he was alive that he was known for being very slow and very meticulous, but really shaving for an hour? Maybe so. It also appears that the Elmores bought a piano at some point and finished paying off the principle today. Ok, I may be on to something here. Granny (Annah Lee) was a great piano player. She played like nobody I have heard before and now I read that her parents bought a piano when she was 3 weeks old. There was music in the house. I wonder if Nanny (Mary, Bonnie's wife) played? I am still curious about Steffey's. A boarding house, a store, a restaurant,? I don't know. Yesterday's Bible reading was from Exodus and was about the Passover. There were several times when it said that the Israelites were to observe this so as to be able to pass it on to their children and tell their children what God had done. Made me wonder, what do we do in 2010 to pass on our faith to our children? Do we tell them stories of what God has done in our lives? This is a blog about Family and Faith and the work that we do. If we can't pass our faith on to our children and their children, and their children, then who can we pass our faith on to? Made me think that I could do better in this area. Also, today in Exodus as the Israelites leave Egypt they see the Egyptians coming after them and they start to grumble (again, but won't be the last time either) and The Message translation says that Moses says to them: "God will fight the battle for you. And you? Keep your mouths shut." Wow. You tell 'em Moses. Maybe we need some people to tell us some things like that every now and then. I know I do.