This blog is mainly taken from my Great Grandfather's diary. In 2012 we are in the year 1915, after completing 1916 in 2010 and 1927 in 2011. 1915 is the year that my Great Uncle Norman was born. 1927 is the year that my Great Uncle Roger, was born. 1916 was the year that my grandmother, Annah Lee was born.

My Great-Grandfather's name was Bonnie Elmore and he worked as a clerk or secretary for the old Norfolk & Western Railroad, based in Roanoke, VA. Mary is his wife. Norman is their first born son. The Raines are Mary's parents. Skin is Bonnie's brother along with Jake.

Bonnie's work associates and friends are also mentioned quite a bit. Bonnie does a great job of blending everyday life in 1915 with the mention of some world and USA history as well. I do know from a quick glance ahead that 1915 is going to be quite different as Bonnie did not write quite as much.

After Bonnie's diary entry, I will occasionally make comments, maybe tell a little about life in 2012, possibly some current events, and some musing about the Christian faith.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Homemade Potato Chips!

On Thursday, January 6, 1927 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Chilly-Cloudy. Arose at 6:30. Made a fire. Dumped ashes. Left home 7:45. Took suit to Airheart-Kirk for alterations. Got check at Joe's from Jake. $5.00 Got it cashed at noon. Tried on suit at noon. Mr. J.H. Moseley brought me church papers to write for him. I shaved tonight. Norman went to show. The girls made potato chips. Dorothy Felty sick. Mary went to see her. Not a whole lot to comment on tonight from Bonnie's diary. Making potato chips sounds like a lot of fun and tasty too. I wonder what show Norman went to see? Is he now going to the movies while Bonnie stays at home? Again we see Bonnie doing something for the church and Mary visiting what I assume is a neighbor. I guess Bonnie got a new suit? I responded to a fire this morning on my way to work. Not a real bad fire. It was a flu fire. The young lad who lived in the house with his dad, was a schoolmate of Caleb's. Firefighters did have to tear out a wall to get the fire completely out. Caleb and I went to his speed and agility class tonight, to prepare him for upcoming soccer season. Calling for snow first of the week.