This blog is mainly taken from my Great Grandfather's diary. In 2012 we are in the year 1915, after completing 1916 in 2010 and 1927 in 2011. 1915 is the year that my Great Uncle Norman was born. 1927 is the year that my Great Uncle Roger, was born. 1916 was the year that my grandmother, Annah Lee was born.

My Great-Grandfather's name was Bonnie Elmore and he worked as a clerk or secretary for the old Norfolk & Western Railroad, based in Roanoke, VA. Mary is his wife. Norman is their first born son. The Raines are Mary's parents. Skin is Bonnie's brother along with Jake.

Bonnie's work associates and friends are also mentioned quite a bit. Bonnie does a great job of blending everyday life in 1915 with the mention of some world and USA history as well. I do know from a quick glance ahead that 1915 is going to be quite different as Bonnie did not write quite as much.

After Bonnie's diary entry, I will occasionally make comments, maybe tell a little about life in 2012, possibly some current events, and some musing about the Christian faith.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Newly Married Millers

On Thursday, October 19, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Rain-Warm. Arose at 7:20 a.m. Got to office 8:45. Billy Miller to be married today. All our work up. No correspondence. Read "Eyes o' World". Went to see Capt. Rowan-found him restless. Mr. Raitt cleaned up Capt.'s desk. I felt badly all day. Gloomy day. I stayed at home after supper and retired at 9 p.m. Aunt Annah went to church. On Friday, October 20, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Warm-Cloudy. Arose at 7 a.m. Got to work with Webb at 8:30. Mr. Raitt and I cleaned up book shelf and I carried books and files over to "cold storage". Checked 50 cents from bank to see "The Birth of a Nation". Got letter from Frank Fisher. Mrs. R and Harry ate dinner with us. Mrs. R and Aunt Annah went to Academy. I shaved after supper. Cut wood. On Saturday, October 21, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cold-Sunny. Arose at 7 a.m. Got to office at 8:30. Talked to Howard Fisher. Got gum at Joe's. Went to see Capt. Rowan and bought a ticket for Mary to "Birth of a Nation". Wrote statement for W.H. Burke. Mary and I went to see "Birth of a Nation". We ate supper at Mrs. Raines'. Bought candy at Kress'. Saw Jake at Academy. Stayed home at night. On Sunday, October 22, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool-Sunny. Arose 8 a.m. Shaved. Took a picture of Annah Lee. Read paper and book. Mr. Wertz buried. Rolled Norman to Mrs. R. Went to hospital to talk to Dr. Burks about Mary. Ate supper over home. Read paper and helped Teeny with school work. Came home on 10 o'clock car. Mary and Mrs. R. rolled kids to Mrs. Hurst's. Papa was at home for Sunday. On Monday, October 23, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cool-Sunny. Arose at 7:30. Took dictation about options until noon. Wrote all afternoon. Mary and Norman went to Mrs. Raines after dinner. Mr. Raitt went to see Capt. Rowan this morning. I had mail registered at 6 p.m. Mrs. Miller spent the night with us. Mr. Stultz died Sunday. On Tuesday, October 24, 1916 Bonnie Elmore wrote: Cold-Clear. Arose 7:00 a.m. Mr. Schick returned from Atlantic City. I went to station to have his trunk sent to house. Wrote for Wiltsee. Feeling dizzy headed. Cut wood before supper. Beautiful day. Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Raines ate dinner with us. Mr. Raitt and I made up Oct. payrolls today. I stayed at home at night and read the paper. It's been interesting following the story of the Millers. Announce the wedding one day, get married the next, and then just a few days later, Mrs. Miller is staying at the Elmore's? What happened? Maybe a different Mrs. Miller, but also there could be more to the story.

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