This blog is mainly taken from my Great Grandfather's diary. In 2012 we are in the year 1915, after completing 1916 in 2010 and 1927 in 2011. 1915 is the year that my Great Uncle Norman was born. 1927 is the year that my Great Uncle Roger, was born. 1916 was the year that my grandmother, Annah Lee was born.

My Great-Grandfather's name was Bonnie Elmore and he worked as a clerk or secretary for the old Norfolk & Western Railroad, based in Roanoke, VA. Mary is his wife. Norman is their first born son. The Raines are Mary's parents. Skin is Bonnie's brother along with Jake.

Bonnie's work associates and friends are also mentioned quite a bit. Bonnie does a great job of blending everyday life in 1915 with the mention of some world and USA history as well. I do know from a quick glance ahead that 1915 is going to be quite different as Bonnie did not write quite as much.

After Bonnie's diary entry, I will occasionally make comments, maybe tell a little about life in 2012, possibly some current events, and some musing about the Christian faith.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Intentions to move

On Monday, February 7, 1916 Bonni Elmore wrote: Cool-Sunshine. R.F. Boxley in. I am writing index cards today for maps G&T.R.R.R.! Howard Fisher came by home for me and walked to the office door. Sent coal and wood home. Carter Thompson came by the office at night. I got hair-cut, and came home and shaved. Norman sick at midnight and vomited. Mary advised Mrs. Brown about our moving out. I am not sure of the initials that Bonnie uses but guessing they represent another railroad, or utility company of some sort. I don't know if Bonnie and Mary have now found a house to purchase or if they are just letting the landlord know of their intentions. I did hear from a comment on yesterday's blog post that the house I am remembering was on 8th Street and that my grandmother had mentioned that they lived somewhere else before that. We will see what happens. No church today due to heavy snowfall over the weekend, but I have been invited to preach at a get together of folks at Orchard Villas today. That should be fun. Roads appear to be in good shape around here, but I have already heard on the fire radio of people falling and one of those was at a church with a possible broken leg! Please Be Careful out there! Today is also Super Bowl Sunday. We are planning on watching the game with Mom.

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